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The Appalachian Trail, or AT, which is roughly 2,200 miles long, was my first long distance hike, in which I thru hiked from Springer Mountain in Georgia to Mount Katahdin in Maine during 2011.

While I have both thru hiked and section hiked the Appalachian Trail I do not currently have a lot of content up right now from my many hikes, there are a few videos below if you are interested.

Though the AT isn't a hike that requires a lot of planning, or any at all if you have some experience long distance hiking, I hope to be adding some resources soon for would be thru hikers.

However, if you'd be interested in my way too personal account of Post Thru Hike Depression following my 2011 Appalachian Trail thru hike... well then, maybe you are going through something similar, and I hope it helps in some way to read my very embarrassing, depressing journal from that time. Just know that things get better, it's always darkest before the dawn, and other clichés, lol.

More logistical information coming soon.


Four Days in an Appalachian Trail Shelter

Spending some time on the Appalachian Trail waiting for a train to head north for a house sitting job.