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Did you know that right now, somewhere on this planet, a robot is giving someone the answer to their most private and intimate questions?

What might have sounded like science fiction even just a decade ago is now commonplace with the commercial introduction of so-called knowledge navigators or intelligent personal assistant’s.

Robots are not only becoming easier to find and interact with; they are also at the forefront of the technological revolution in online search and learning. But, when according to search statistics, a quarter of a million people a month ask if there is a God, should it be left to the robots to formulate an answer?

Interview with a Robot: Searching for God, Religion and the Meaning of Life delves into the history of these chatbots as well as some of the most important and pressing questions people are asking online.

Did you know that “What is Love?” is asked online by 185 million people a month?

Do you know the top four questions that begin, “Why does God…?”

And are you ready to hear what these robots are telling people all over the planet about God, religion and the meaning of life?

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