A hiker will never feel safe again after the sun sets on the Appalachian Trail.

Hiker Midnight is a collection of 13 fictional stories of horror taking place on the Appalachian Trail. With long distance hikers and trail fans in mind this series of dark fiction is perfect bedtime reading while you're snuggled up in your sleeping bag, inside your tent or in a shelter. As darkness settles in you better hope the campfire has enough wood for the night, because sleeping anywhere on the trail will no longer feel as safe.

Experience the chills and terror of the trail today, Read Hiker Midnight on Kindle, or get the paperback copy of Hiker Midnight here.

Cleanshave Notes:

I had fun writing this book, and at the time I thought the stories came out pretty well. The Appalachian Trail thru hike was still fresh in my mind, and I felt this was something other hikers would enjoy reading on their Kindle or cell phones as they tucked themselves into their sleeping bag for the night.

However, other than one very positive review, which now seems to be missing from Amazon, I have had nothing but complaints about the stories. Nothing concrete or constructive which might help me understand what people did not like or enjoy, so there's no way for me to really judge it.

That's one of the hard things about writing in a vacuum, without constructive feedback there is really no way to improve.

So, maybe I'll make Hiker Midnight a free download when I can figure out how to do the price matching thing on Amazon.