What would you do if you had just given up your apartment and donated all of your belongings to charity?

For Chris "Cleanshave" Miller the answer was simple: Go Hiking!

Armed with only a twelve pound backpack and a sense of adventure he chose to hike the entire 272 miles of Vermont's Long Trail in what is known as an End-to-End hike.

The Long Trail, which runs along the main ridge of the Green Mountains, is the oldest long-distance trail in the United States. His hike would take him southbound, from the United States border with Canada to Vermont's southern border with Massachusetts.

Along the way he would face numerous obstacles, usually brought on by poor resupply habits and questionable personal challenges, including hiking 65 miles of the trail without toilet paper, and another 100 miles without food.

So put yourself out on the trail today and read Lightweight on the Long Trail on Kindle, or get your paperback copy here.


I couldn't put this book down,just had to see what was around the next corner.The authors hiking adventure sucks you in until the very end.A great read. - Rusti Yankowsky

It's just not remotely your typical trail journal. - Trail walker

Enjoyable read about a Trail I knew of, but had never seen anyone write about. Chris likes to test himself in different ways than most thru hikers. - K. J. CORCORAN