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It’s kind of strange, having an Archive page in what is essentially an archive, but here it is, a bunch of stuff, mostly from the old 1ChrisMiller website I built years ago.

Not sure if this is where it’s going to stay, or if it’s going to remain public because even though the majority of this can be found in internet archives and various other deep web searches, not all of it is relevant.

And just FYI, all of the content was written back when this website was live…

But, Zines. Understanding media of all kinds comes from experience. In my early stages of media infiltration, I used the now deceased printed, aka photocopied, word.

I’d like to put some old cartoons on here, but I’m not sure how. Life is hard when you’re an idiot.


Another thing to figure out is my old short films… Most of which, along with the cartoons, were included in my cable access show, ingeniously called the Chris Miller Show.

May as well add Leaflets.

Before Photoshop, the Internet and generating publicity for my websites I used to design shitty low-quality leaflets and distribute them wherever I went.

To which I’ll probably add the Lost Cat leaflet. (It doesn’t need its own page.)

Distributing fake lost cat leaflets across America in which I threaten to kill the cat if it isn’t claimed soon, what the hell is wrong with me?

And Classified Ads.

When I used to get bored I would run silly classified ads for my own entertainment. Many of them were lost over the years but these are a few that survived.

I may as well add the Obituaries to the Classified Ad page, to keep this simple, and because they are basically the same thing. Everybody dies but no one gets to see their obituary, I thought I would get a preview.

And if I’m going to be adding all that junk to the Archive, I may as well add Operation Poopy Pants, Legalize Crack, some highly outdated Phreaking material from the first book I ever finished writing, and maybe even my teenage ideas for generating electricity

Jeez, so much shit to dig through, I may end up just throwing it all up here…

Old Movie Scripts and Magazine Articles… My Killer Klowns from Outer Space treatment written back in 2002… (That I was too lazy to put any effort into…) and the Music… and death threats… not that they need their own page… or that I still have all of them from back then… but #2 is a police officer calling from the police station.

Death Threat 1
Death Threat 2