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Movie Scripts

The Dog – My first solo short movie screenplay about kids who accidentally inject an experimental serum into a local stray dog.

Over the Counter – ‘Over the Counter’ is a short movie I wrote back in 1996 about a movie theater projectionist that lost his girlfriend and looks for solace in over the counter cold medicines available from work. He has become so depressed that he is living in the theater after hours and hallucinates several scenarios in which he lost his girlfriend.

Pitch Black – Pitch Black represents the first time Matthew Goltz and I ever collaborated on a script. We came up with the idea together, but to tell the truth, Matt did the bulk of the writing, I mostly went over it and cut some stuff and added a few minor things. The characters are largely based on us and we tried to shoot it ourselves since I don’t think it would ever get made by anyone else. Who would want to make a movie about struggling artists trying to make a movie? That shoot failed for a number of reasons, though I did learn valuable filmmaking lessons from the whole affair. And hopefully, we will try to shoot it again in the near future.

Camp Blood 3 – I rented Camp Blood 2 one night because it was about a killer in a clown mask. I thought I could write a comparable script and since I actually liked the premise for the movie I wrote part 3. I came up with the idea two hours after watching the movie and finished the script within about 2 weeks. I don’t really consider it finished though. I would like to polish it up and get some input from Brad Sykes the creator of the original two Camp Blood movies before it ever got made. I sent the script off to him and he said that he never really planned on making a 3rd Camp Blood, though he liked my script and would use it if he ever did do one. Well, it was a shot.

I wanted to play a part in the film too. (The acting in 2nd one was pretty bad except for the female lead) I figured I could do at least as good but still only wanted to play the small part of Peter.

Camp Blood 3 is the first feature-length script I ever wrote. Oh yeah, I also apologize for this being so badly formatted in Word, I just figured that not as many people would have the Final Draft software.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space 2 – Treatment.

Fragile – Fragile is a horror/slasher movie in which a man finds a broken clown doll in the trash that changes his life. After bringing it home and putting it back together he comes to believe that the doll is talking to him. Due to a bad relationship with his girlfriend, he has almost no one to talk to, the only thing he can do to try and relax is make beef jerky at home and drink. Refusing to face his relationship problems he kills a woman in place of his girlfriend and disposes of the body by chopping her up and making more beef jerky out of her. He decides that he enjoys killing and at the encouragement of the clown doll kills his girlfriend one day while in the woods. He has decided that the only one he wants to be with is the clown dolls previous owner, whom he hardly knows. First, he’ll have to dispose of her boyfriend.

He starts having trouble when his escaped mental patient of an ex-roommate and a private detective looking for his ex-girlfriend show up he is forced to kill again.

Magazine Articles

No Laughing Matter – An interview with an alcoholic clown no longer allowed to work children’s parties. Published in Crying Clown magazine.

Boston Undersiege – The first Operation Poopy Pants article published in both Crying Clown and Alarm Magazines.

Screwing with Moviefone – An article about getting free movie tickets and money from Moviefone. Published in 2600 magazine.

Understanding Saflok – Basic background information for the Saflok brand of hotel locks that uses the magnetic strip key cards. Published in 2600 magazine.

O.P.P. Communication #22 – Another Operation Poopy Pants article published at Poopreport.com

…and not a Magazine Article, but a very old Letter to the Editor, or which I was very proud, Teens Cite Problems, and why not add in my letter to 2600 Magazine¬†as well?