Here are some of my short movies from the Rage Warehouse days when Myself, Matthew Goltz and Edward Higgins ran the Rage Warehouse website from 2000 – 2001. It was our attempt at starting an Independent Film Company.

These are available in the old Real Media Video format for historical purposes and each link will take you to a separate page where you can watch the movie and get more information about each short film. Just click on the screenshot from each movie to Play it or Right Click and Choose “Save Target As” to download the movie to your computer.

Also, check out some of my own Animations made after Rage Warehouse closed up shop.

*2019 Comment: A few of the Rage Warehouse movies were not included.

There is No Message
COCOT Hacking
20 Shots
The Unluckiest Man in the World
Dead End
Gas Attack
Rage Warehouse Music Video