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The Florida Trail, or FT, is 1,000 miles long and the perfect winter getaway for hiker trash like me looking to escape the cold and the snow up north, and spend some time hiking.

The optimal time to attempt a thru hike is to start in January and finish by April, assuming a NOBO, or northbound hike. (There is also a Florida Trail Kickoff in early January which is great for meeting other thru hikers.)

That being said, I have only hiked the southernmost part of the Florida Trail, up to Lake Okeechobee, but including the Ocean to Lake Trail.

As always, More logistical information coming soon.

The Florida Trail Thru Hike Fail...

Even being an experience long distance hiker I was unprepared mentally for this hike, and it wasn't the trail that wore me down, but my own nagging responsibilities back in New England.

The Ocean to Lake Trail, a side trail off the Florida Trail, which goes from Hobe Sound Beach to Lake Okeechobee in Florida.