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The Long Trail, the oldest long distance hiking trail in the US, runs across the state of Vermont for 273 miles, and it goes from Vermont's border with Massachusetts, north to the US/Canadian border.

It is an amazing hike which I thoroughly enjoy during the fall season when the leaves are turning.

It is maintained by the Green Mountain Club whose Long Trail End-to-Ender's Guide is a lightweight, yet highly useful, guide for thru hiking the trail.

If you are having trouble planning on getting to, or from, the Long Trail's Northern Terminus I wrote a detailed blog post back in 2012 that should still be relevant.

Of course you could read my book, Lightweight on the Long Trail, but as a quick read of the reviews will tell you, it is more about my personal journey than it is a guidebook.

More Logistical Information Coming Soon.

This is the YouTube playlist for my Long Trail Thru Hike, or End-to-End Hike as the Green Mountain Club likes to call it.

This is a SOBO, or southbound hike, starting at the Canadian border and working my way south across Vermont towards the Massachusetts border.

Again, cannot recommend this hike enough.