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An Oregon Coast Trail Thru Hiker's Guide

The Oregon Coast Trail, or the OCT, is an amazing long distance hiking trail which runs the length of Oregon, from the Columbia River to the Oregon/California border.

Officially labelled as having 382 miles of trail, but which can be as much as 425 miles if no ferries are used to cross any of the bays, the mileage breaks down to 39% on the beach, 41% on paved road, usually Route 101, and 20% on trail or dirt roads.

My own, very rough, Quick and Dirty Oregon Coast Trail Thru Hiker's Guide, is available below, and which uses the free Oregon Coast Trail Maps available from the state of Oregon. (Maps #9 and #10 almost made me want to quit hiking even though I had almost finished my first thru hike, but they have been updated since then.)

The Oregon Coast Trail Thru Hiking Guide is found linked below, or you can download the PDF here, OCT Thru Hike Guide