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The Trail

The first thing you'll notice about Map #10 is that it starts with Gold Beach at the top even though the section of the OCT from Gold Beach to Pistol River Scenic Viewpoint has already been covered on Map #9.

Map #10 really starts half way down the page where the road walk along 101 enters the Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor.

Where to Stay

Harris Beach State Park has a great hiker/biker camp and is a decent days hike from either Gold Beach or Cape Sebastian. Two nights here allows you plenty of time to hike in and get a good nights rest. Then the next day hike down to the Oregon/California border to finish your hike, then either walk, hitch, or catch a bus back to the park for lunch.


Between Gold Beach and the end of the Oregon Coast Trail at the California border Brookings is your only option for a resupply.

But Brookings has a couple of major supermarkets to choose from as well as fast food and restaurant options as well. You will find everything you need here.

But if you are hiking southbound you wont need much as the Oregon/California border is less than eight miles away from Harris Beach State Park. An easy enough round trip to do before lunch if you plan on returning to Brookings.

So that leads us to the question, "Now What?"

You've finished the Oregon Coast Trail, Now What?

Okay, so you just finished your thru hike of the Oregon Coast Trail, now what do you do?

Standing there at the Oregon/California border you have many options. What you actually do depends on your pressing personal matters. Do you have to go back to work? Do you have to catch a flight back home out of Portland? Have you ever wanted to see the Redwood Forests of northern California?

You can walk back into Brookings, or catch a bus. From there you can connect buses all the way back to Portland, the easiest way being through Eugene, OR.

The same bus which can bring you back into Brookings also runs south into Smith River, CA. From there it is easy enough, via public transportation to connect through Crescent City, and on through to the Redwoods.

Or, from Crescent City, it is easy enough to head inland to explore Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, and then using public transportation to explore Grants Pass and Ashland, Oregon.

And out of Ashland you could pick up the Pacific Crest Trail, if one was so inclined.

The point is there are a lot of options, unless you have to be somewhere else.

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