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The Trail

Following the Oregon Coast Trail south out of Lincoln City the trail is essentially a 20 mile long road walk to Devil's Punch Bowl State Natural Area along Route 101. The road walk is broken only by a short section between Glenden Beach State Park and Fishing Rock State Recreation Site.

After that the trail follows Route 101 through Depoe Bay before returning to the beach at Devil's Punch Bowl State Natural Area, just before Beverly Beach State Park.

That is a solid days worth of hiking.

The alternative to this long road walk is to take the bus from Lincoln City to Devil's Punch Bowl State Natural Area. You'll have to tell the driver where you want to get off though as this isn't a regular stop. Even then they may insist on dropping you off at the turnoff across from Beverly Beach State Park. If this is your choice then catching an early morning bus makes it possible to walk the beach from Devil's Punch Bowl State Natural Area into Newport for lunch and then on to South Beach State Park for the night.

Leaving Beverly Beach State Park the trail follows the beach and briefly returns to Route 101 at what the state maps call 62nd Ave. but which is actually named 68th St. Though there are no street signs on the beach you will notice a small stream, Schooner Creek, and an obvious trail up to a dirt road with a small parking area.

The only problem I ever had along this stretch was during a northbound hike. The tide was moving in and I had hiked down to the beach at 68th St., aka 62nd Ave. Since there was no warning on the state maps about doing this section at low tide I wasn't prepared for the tide to be so high. From there it was impossible to get very far up the beach as the waist deep waves were pushing me up against the rocks. I chose to return to Route 101 and hike north until I could get back to the beach at Moolack Shores Motel.

Heading south from 68th St. along Route 101 the trail soon returns to the coast at Agate Beach State Recreation Site. The state maps tell you to follow the signs to Yaquina Head Lighthouse and return to the beach. I have never had this work for me as beach access seems to be blocked at every point by private property. It's best to follow Route 101 a few hundred more feet to a little grassy area and a sign that says Lucky Gap Trail. Follow this trail down to the beach, then follow the beach until you get into Newport, where the trail crosses the Yaquina Bay Bridge.

On the other side of the bridge there are steps that descend down to a paved road and the route to the south jetty is pretty obvious. Getting to South Beach State Park however, you can choose between three different routes.

First you could hike all the way out to the jetty and down to the beach to walk along the waters edge.

Second, you could take the paved South Beach Day Use Trail and follow that to a junction with a sign that points you left into the campground.

Or you could enjoy something a little different and follow the Old Jetty Trail through the shore pine trees and the beach grass.

The Oregon Coast Trail continues heading south out of South Beach State Park following the beach pretty much into Waldport.

Labled as Ona Beach State Park on the map this park had its name changed in 2013 to Brian Booth State Park. It is here that I have never been able to cross Beaver Creek as the map mentions. I have always had to walk a little inland to use the wooden pedestrian bridge.

After that the trail briefly returns to Route 101 at Seal Rock State Recreation Site for a short road walk, then back to the beach at Collins Creek State Recreation Site.

Does Collins Creek State Recreation Site exist? IDK, the only mention I could ever find was on the maps.

Where to Stay

Beverly Beach State Park and South Beach State Park break up Map #4 pretty evenly and both have hiker/biker campsites available making them the most obvious and cheap options available.

This makes it pretty easy to get through Map #4 without having to resort to stealth camping or renting an overpriced hotel room.

There is also the Newport Lost Buoy Hostel, which if it isn't already obvious, is in Newport.

Newport Lost Buoy Hostel
946 SW 8th St, Newport, OR
(541) 961-0659

Listed on the map further south is Ona Beach State Park, which is now called Brian Booth State Park, but there is no camping available there. It is a day use only park.

But just beyond that on Map #5 is yet another state park hiker/biker camp.


From Lincoln City you don't have to pack more than a day or two worth of food as it is a short hike into Newport. Also there is a small store near the entrance of Beverly Beach State Park, most likely your next destination. There are also ample restaurants in Depoe Bay as well as the Whistle Stop Mini Mart, which is a Shell gas station convience store.

Just before you get into Newport, and before you return to the beach from Route 101, you will pass an Izzy's Pizza. If you have been thru hiking do yourself a favor and go in for the all you can eat buffet and chow down.

If you've returned to the coast at Agate Beach but need to resupply in Newport it is best to leave the waters edge at Nye Beach. You'll notice the large opening and parking area as well as the public restrooms. Hiking much further will most likely mean that you'll just have to backtrack along 101 to do your shopping.

Just a couple of blocks in, taking a left on NW Coast St. will put you in front of the Nye Beach Market. If you're looking for a larger grocery store follow NW 3rd St. up to the 101 and there will be a Thriftway supermarket on your right. There are plenty of options along 101 including a Fred Meyer, McDonald's and Burger King to the north and a Walgreen's to the south.

Crossing the Yaquina Bay Bridge there is also the South Beach Fish Market a little further south on 101 but off the Oregon Coast Trail. They have a good lunch counter as well as a small grocery store which makes them ideal if you plan on staying at South Beach State Park for more than one night.

Heading south from here a days worth of food is enough as Waldport isn't that much further down the coast.