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The Trail

Whoever was in charge of Map #5 screwed up big time. (*This is regarding the older version of the state maps.) 

Map #5 has three inset maps to show greater detail of the trail. Each one of them is not only mis-cropped, but they are taken from Map #4 and have nothing to do with the trail on Map #5.

The text itself is correct, just don't waste your time trying to make sense of the pictures.

Getting back up to 101 from the beach is the most important part of getting into Waldport. Twice I have hiked south through here and both times I have taken a different way back to 101, once because what seemed like a storm on the beach was merely a drizzle once I got back to the road.

Where to Stay

Not listed on the Oregon Coast Trail Map #5 as a camping option is Beachside State Recreation Site, which is most likely due to the fact that camping isn't available year round. However, for thru hikers the camping season of March 15th to November 4th is perfect.

Also it's position is perfect as it is only 17 miles from South Beach State Park on Map #4.

From South Beach State Park it is only another 17 miles to the next camping option, Carl G. Washburne State Park.

The hiker/biker camp there is in the trees so mosquitoes can become a problem depending on the weather, but it is close to the bathrooms and the camp hosts have always been very friendly. Often offering to drive bundles of wood up to your campsite for you instead of making you carry it from the front entrance.

The hotels in Yachats all tend to be on the pricey side for most hikers. Any time a hotel has Spa, Lodge or Resort in the title it usually means that it is going to be slightly more expensive.

South of Carl G. Washburne State Park camping on the beach is an option before you get into Florence on Map #6. That would make for a short hiking day but set you up nicely to walk into Florence early and resupply.


Just before getting into Waldport there is a small convenience store with a few tables inside to take a break and have a snack, and which also has limited wifi.

But the real resupply is across the Alsea Bay Bridge, about a half mile off the trail. Just up OR-34, also known as Hemlock St., to Rays Food Place, a decent size grocery store.

There is also a Subway near the base of the bridge as well as Grand Central Pizza a little further down 101.

You wont need very much as there is a small grocery store in Yachats which you'll most likely be going through the next day.

In Yachats the C&K Market is a great place to resupply, and you'll need at least two days worth of food to get you into Florence on Map #6 unless you plan on beach camping north of Florence, in which case you'll need a bit more.

In Yachats is also LeRoy's Blue Whale, a great place to have breakfast if you left Beachside State Recreation Site early in the morning. There is also the Green Salmon for breakfast, lunch and coffee. Or if you're looking for fish and chips try the Luna Sea Fish House, Yachats Underground Pub & Grub or the Ona Restaurant & Lounge.

Just remember, you will need at least two days of food to get you into Florence.

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