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The Trail

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Where to Stay

Although William M. Tugman State Park is listed on the state maps as an available camping option it is too far out of the way for a hiker.

Not that I haven't stayed there when hitchhiking through.


How you resupply in Florence depends on how you plan to hike through to Coos Bay.

If you are going to be beach camping through the Oregon Dunes and hitchhiking through Reedsport you'll miss an important resupply point and be spending a lot of time on the beach.

Figure four to five days of food.

If you plan on hitting the resupply options in Reedsport you'll only need a day or two worth of food.

Either way as soon as you enter Florence on 101 there is a Fred Meyer and a Dollar Tree. Then there is a Subway, A McDonald's, a Taco Bell, an A&W, a Pizza Hut and more importantly Kathleen and Nina's Pie and Specialty Restaurant. But if you're following the Oregon Coast Trail directions you will miss all of that unless you turn left off Rhododendron Drive onto 35th St. and follow that out to 101. You will see Rhododendron Dr. clearly on the inset of Map #6.

If you don't care about pie, and that's a shame, you can still continue on the OCT down Rhododendron Drive, just be sure to take a left on 9th St., passing the public library and back to the 101 to resupply before you miss your chance and have to backtrack. There you will find a Safeway, a dollar store, Subway, Starbucks and Los Amigos Burrito or Los Compadres if you're in the mood for Mexican.

On the way out of town there is one last place to eat before crossing the bridge and entering the Oregon Dunes, and one last bathroom with running water. It is the Dairy Queen.

Then, further south, as far as eating in Reedsport there is a McDonald's, Dairy Queen, Subway and Bedrock's Pizzeria if you're not into chain food and want something more local.

In Reedsport there is also a Safeway and a Price 'N Pride right off of 101, both of which will get you resupplied. And there is the Reedsport Natural Foods if that is more of your thing. Here you'll have to resupply as much as you think you'll need to get you Coos Bay as there isn't much in Winchester Bay besides the Winchester Bay Market, a very limited resupply option.

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