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Where to Stay

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What can I say?

North Bend and Coos Bay have it all.
The problem is that you wont need much to make it to Bandon.

Then again it depends on your route.
Taking the side trail of the OCT out to Sunset Bay State Park and Cape Arago and spending a few days camping is a great way to experience the Oregon coast, but it will require more food.

Skip the long walk down Seven Devil's Road and take a bus from Coos Bay to Bullards Beach State Park and you are there in an hour or two.

So, when in Coos Bay, decide what you plan to do. A bunch of road walking, a side trip, or maybe take the bus. This will affect what your resupply in Coos Bay ends up being.

Heading south you'll first pass through North Bend, where the public library is right off of 101 as you come into town, and there is a Walmart if you follow Newmark St. to the west. Every time I've come through this way though I always end up resupplying in Coos Bay. McKay's Markets on 7th St, which is off the 101 behind city hall, is what I use when I'm staying in town. Otherwise there is a Fred Meyer and a Safeway at the southern end of town on 101 which is also conveniently located close to the bus stop.

However you decide to get into Bandon, resupply there is also very easy. Right on 101 is Ray's Food Place and Price 'n Pride as the major supermarkets. But you also have Mother's Natural Grocery right in between the two if you were looking for something more natural. These are both roughly equidistant from the Oregon Coast Trail where you turn off of Riverside Dr. onto 1st St. heading into Old Town. Ray's and Mother's to the north along 101 and Price 'N Pride to the south. There is a Subway next to Ray's and a Dairy Queen next to Price 'N Pride.

There is also the Station Restaurant, a great place to have breakfast, if you walk a half block straight ahead instead of turning right onto 1st St. as you enter Bandon.

Resupply in Bandon has to get you to Port Orford, and there are literally zero options to get food or to even get off trail between Bandon and Cape Blanco State Park. So depending on your hiking speed, I would suggest two to three days worth of food. Even though it is possible to make it to Cape Blanco from Bullards Beach in a single day, why push it if the weather is nice?

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