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Map #8 is a tricky one as the only resupply option on it is Port Orford.
That's why I suggest that you bring plenty of food and water from Bandon to make it there safely.

The best place to resupply in Port Orford is Ray's Food Place. From the Oregon Coast Trail, instead of turning right onto Arizona St. from 12th St., as you see on the map, simply follow 12th St. all the way out to 101. Ray's will be on your left, three blocks north on 101.

If you don't need much except for a few snacks you can continue on the OCT to where 9th St. meets 101, and there across the intersection is a Circle K.

Those are pretty much your only options in Port Orford, and on Map #8.

Technically resupply in Port Orford has to get you to Gold Beach. That can mean two or three days worth of food depending on your speed and wether or not you plan on spending an extra day climbing Humbug Mountain.

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