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The Trail

My suggestion for Map #9 is to take the bus from Humbug Mountain State Park, through Gold Beach, all the way to Cape Sebastian. From the top of Cape Sebastian descend to the beach and hike through the Pistol River State Scenic Viewpoint. While this will cause you to miss the opportunity to explore Sisters Rock, but it will avoid a ton of road walking.

Where to Stay

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Like Map #8, Map #9 has only one real resupply option, and that is in Gold Beach.

There is one possible exception, the Nesika Market on Nesika Rd., mislabled Nesika Beach Rd. on the map. This is on the Oregon Coast Trail and is next to the post office and bus stop in Ophir before you get into Gold Beach. It is about 15 miles south of Humbug Mountain State Park and roughly 8 miles north of Gold Beach.

In Gold Beach there is McKay's Market and Ray's Food Place, both fairly close together and on 101.

To get to them from the trail turn left off the beach at or near the end of the airport runway and before crossing Riley Creek. Cross Oceanside Dr. onto 5th Pl. and follow this out to 101. Mc Kay's is left, or north from this point, and Ray's, a Dairy Queen and a Subway are to the right, or south on 101.

There are plenty of restaurants to choose from in Gold Beach as well.

Resupply here has to get you to Brookings as there are no other options in between.

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