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This Oregon Coast Trail Thru Hike Guide, originally intended to be a Quick and Dirty Guide, is arranged in thirteen sections. Each section, after the preparation and warning pages, correspond to one of the ten Oregon Coast Trail maps provided by the Oregon State Parks via the Oregon.gov website.

These ten maps cover the entire trail with some overlap occurring.

Each chapter is further broken down into three sections: The Trail, Where to Stay and Resupply.

While the detailed description of the trail printed on each map is sufficient to get you from the Columbia River to the California border there is often not enough detail to make navigation easy. This includes visible landmarks in place in places where the trail is not readily apparent and trail alternatives.

Where to Stay and Resupply are fairly obvious as to their content with the exception that I do not include any specific hotel or motel options. Both are plentiful along the coast and can make your thru hike extremely easy to plan, however they are often quite expensive and often full to capacity during the summer season.

Each section, hopefully, also includes sidebars with relevant information regarding cities, towns and points of interest. But since this guide has sat for so long on my laptop, and has not been updated since the state of Oregon fixed or updated the maps, and since I am now trying to update all of this using only a cell phone... well, you get the idea.

To get the most out of this Quick and Dirty Oregon Coast Trail Thru Hiking Guide first download and/or print the Oregon Coast Trail Maps from Oregon.gov

These maps are available in PDF format and were meant to be printed in full color and at 11" x 17". For most hikers that is a much too large. What I chose to do was shrink each PDF down until it fit on a normal sized 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper. I then cut away the excess. That is everything except the map itself which is only a small column on the left hand side of each page.

As you read through this guide make notations on the front of each corresponding map. If you printed each of the maps on a one sided piece of paper then the blank backside can be used for more detailed notes.

Because the Oregon Coast Trail is 41% road walking, and knowing how much many hikers despise a road walk, I have included public transportation options where available. Not so much to skip portions of the trail but to experience that section of road safely from the inside of a vehicle.

Much of this Oregon Coast Trail Thru Hiker's Guide was compiled before the Oregon Coast Trail maps were updated and corrected by the state of Oregon, so some details may be different. These will be updated as this website gets built.

Also, since it has been years since much of this was written, many of the details such as contact information and rates for various places to stay may have changed. Many of the website links have been updated where possible, but if you notice any errors or additions that may help other hikers, please feel free to use the comment section on the relevant page to make a suggestion.

Together we can help everyone enjoy this amazing trail.

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