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The Pacific Crest Trail, or PCT, is a 2,653 mile hike, which ranges from the US border with Mexico, just south of Campo, California, to the US/Canadian border on the edge of Manning Park in British Columbia.

Unfortunately it is not a trail that I have thru hiked yet, having only hiked the first 500 miles or so, but it's on my list.

Until I can get more content up regarding this awesome trail, you can check out the videos below, or this post I wrote about Entering Canada from the PCT, or some of the blog posts from that first section hike on the PCT.

More logistical information coming soon.

Information about the PCT Lake Fire closure south of Big Bear Lake, California, on Section C of the Pacific Crest Trail starts roughly at I-10, near Cabazon.

Hitchhiking from Las Vegas to hike south out of Cajon Pass for my first Pacific Crest Trail experience.