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Backpack America is the name for a series of YouTube videos in which I travel the United States while living out of my backpack, and on a very low budget.

Sometimes it is hiking, others hitchhiking or bicycle touring.

Backpack America Season 4

Explores the Arizona on yet another cheap Walmart bike. From Yuma to Quartzsite, where I spent much of the winter living cheap. Then Lake Havasu for a little BLM off-road camping at Craggy Wash, then up through the Mohave Desert and onto Las Vegas. To finally revealing the location of Forrest Fenn's Treasure.

Backpack America Season 3

Explores America, from a Megabus trip down the east coast to the Appalachian Trail, back to Massachusetts to work a Farmer's Market, only to return to the Appalachian Trail on my way to Florida and stealth camping at Disney World.

Backpack America Season 2

From my first exposure to the Pacific Crest Trail, to the California Riding and Hiking Trail across Joshua Tree National Park, to hiking the California Coast north to the Redwoods, to hitchhiking Oregon and being snowed in at South Brown Mountain Shelter on the PCT.

Backpack America Season 1

Attempting to live out of my backpack full time I explore Green Mountain National Park in Vermont, then down to Harper's Ferry, back north for some house sitting, then out west for some Las Vegas stealth camping.