Summon the Wind

The wizard climbed to the top of the rocky bluff overlooking the seaside village far below. If his calculations were right, this would be the place. He stood straight, raised his arms to either side and brought them together in front of him, holding the mighty staff in both hands. He watched the setting sun […]

XH5 Monthly Report 010

Happy Birthday! Real Value: 0.0201132 XLM Melt Value: 0.0402263 XLM Total Supply: 548,691 XH5 Account Balance: 22,071.8357896 XLM Hello Friends, The XH5 token is now over One Year Old! In its first year, the supply has been reduced from 1,827,000 XH5 down to 548,691 XH5, and it has simultaneously grown from having less than 5,000 XLM on deposit to the current 22,000+ XLM. […]

XH5 Monthly Report 009

Setback Month Real Value: 0.0189649 XLM Melt Value: 0.0379298 XLM Total Supply: 548,691 XH5 Account Balance: 20,811.7546879 XLM Hello Friends, Due to a series of setbacks this month XH5 is slightly behind schedule. The Daily Buyback Program is still on schedule, but redoing the Buyback order for the entire outstanding supply and the website updates will have to wait until tomorrow. The Melt […]

XH5 Monthly Report 008

Gimme That XH5 Real Value: 0.0178757 XLM Melt Value: 0.0357513 XLM Total Supply: 548,691 XH5 Account Balance: 19,616.4403790 XLM Hello Friends, Two things have happened since the last Monthly Report. The Airdrop was completed and 12,000 XLM was donated to the XH5 account, which boosted the Melt Value from 0.0207537 XLM to 0.0357513 XLM. We are out of the Development Phase and moving […]

XH5 Monthly Report 007

Happy X-Day! Real Value: 0.0103768 XLM Melt Value: 0.0207537 XLM Total Supply: 548,691 XH5 Account Balance: 11,387.3509164 XLM Hello Friends, The seventh and final XH5 token burn was for 182,109 XH5 versus the usual 182,700, which is 591 XH5 short in order to give each recipient of the airdrop almost another 10 XH5 each without dipping into the supply put aside for the […]

XH5 Monthly Report 006

Last Chance for Airdrop Eligibility Real Value: 0.0079463 XLM Melt Value: 0.0158926 XLM Total Supply: 730,800 XH5 Account Balance: 11,614.336145 XLM Hello Friends, Slowly but surely XH5 is gaining ground with more assets added to the account. This month 1,000 XLM, 28,000 SHX, and 673,462.748617 Kin were donated, adding to the account which makes up the value of […]

XH5 Monthly Report 005

Dwindling Supply Account Balance: 10,699.6322301 XLM Total Supply: 913,500 XH5 Real Value: 0.0058564 XLM Melt Value: 0.0117128 XLM Hello Friends, The 5th Token Burn for XH5 is complete. Bringing the Total Supply of XH5 below a million, to only 913,500. And there are two more token burns left before the Airdrop in August. There are now over 3,000 XLM […]

XH5 Monthly Report 004

Long Term Growth Account Balance: 9,489.9554163 XLM Total Supply: 1,096,200 XH5 Real Value: 0.0043286 XLM Melt Value: 0.0086571 XLM Hello Friends, I’m sure it has been quite a month for most of us, where the world no longer looks like it did only a couple of months ago. And this is most likely just the beginning of a long […]

XH5 Monthly Report 003

Slow Moving Growth Account Balance: 8,565.7526522 XLM Total Supply: 1,278,900 XH5 Real Value: 0.0033489 XLM Melt Value: 0.0066978 XLM Hello Friends, Even though we’re still in the early stages of the XH5 token it’s nice to see people taking advantage of the buy orders in place for holders who need liquidity. Everything in the XH5 account belongs to the […]

XH5 Monthly Report 002

Burn Baby, Burn! Account Balance: 112,890.7684 XLM Total Supply: 1,461,600 XH5 Real Value: 0.0012 XLM Melt Value: 0.0772378 XLM Hello Friends, Another 182,700 XH5 tokens were burned on schedule, bringing the total supply down to 1,461,600. The value of the XH5 Account has grown significantly, due in part to the addition of a variety of Stellar assets, including SLT, […]