If it were possible I would make my own books free for Kindle and other eReaders. But I haven't quite figured that out yet. So for now, here are a few free PDFs of things that I have written if you were looking for something to read while you are traveling.

The title of the book is linked to the PDF, as is its cover, and where appropriate the link to its description page is at the bottom of the post if you are interested in knowing more.

If you want to know what's coming out next try Upcoming Books.

Quest in the West: A Forrest Fenn Treasure Hunt

Now that the Forrest Fenn treasure has been located in Wyoming I have decided to share my journal from an attempt at locating the treasure many years ago.

To me, the story isn't about the location of the treasure itself, but the adventure I had hitchhiking across the United States and exploring parts of Wyoming on foot.

Each chapter will be released as a separate blog post, the links to which can be found on the Quest in the West description page.

Thru Hiking the Oregon Coast Trail, or the OCT, is an amazing long-distance hike which runs the length of Oregon, from the Columbia River to the Oregon/California border.

My own, very rough, Quick and Dirty Oregon Coast Trail Thru Hiker's Guide which uses the free Oregon Coast Trail Maps available from the state of Oregon.

Just be aware that the last few sections are a little thin on information as I never finished detailing this guide. Find more on the Oregon Coast Trail Thru Hike Guide

Fixed Gear on the Southern Tier

Why not attempt to ride Coast to Coast on a $99 Walmart Fixed Gear Bicycle?

Be forewarned that this is a Pulp Travel book, so there are plenty of spelling and grammar mistakes.

See the full description page for Fixed Gear on the Southern Tier which has links to the blog posts, including pictures and video from this adventure.

Backpacking Austin, or as it is also known, Homeless in Austin.

Keep in mind this is a Pulp Travel story about hitchhiking into Austin, Texas with very little money.

For a hiker, this was a very different urban camping experience.

See the full description page for Backpacking Austin which has links to the individual blog post which comprise this PDF.

After Katahdin is a short book about life after a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. It is about how I had problems adjusting to a so-called "normal" life. It is an intimate look at my post-thru-hike depression.

It was not the best of times, and I am not entirely proud of how I behaved off-trail.

Pharming: Passive Income with Your Cell Phone was a short booklet I wrote up back in 2016. Many of the revenue-generating apps have changed over the years to the point that this guide is most likely useless to anyone interested in making money from their cell phone.

It is included here mostly for historical purposes, and because it was the idea that led to my interest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Something I thought was funny in retrospect, the books last words, "Above all else, save that bitcoin!"



Wandering is a Pulp Travel journal that centers on hiking the Pacific Crest Trail beginning in February. It is a trail journal that is not trying to be a book.

From the PCT to hitchhiking, to the California Riding and Hiking Trail across Joshua Tree National Park, to the Salton Sea and the San Diego Trans County Trail out to the coast before getting back on the Pacific Crest Trail. Then up to the Redwoods to jump on the PCT one more time in Oregon.

Three months of wandering in one small journal.

See the full description page for Wandering



Hiker Pulp, Adventure Travel Short Stories, aka Hiker Short's, is a compilation of travel stories and articles which was compiled back in 2015. It is part personal experience and part advice for those who think living out of a backpack is a glamorous lifestyle which would solve all of their problems.

See the full description page for Hiker Pulp



Homeless on the Cloverleaf is a personal journal about being homeless in between long-distance hiking trips while trying to hold down a job to pay for the next hike.

Living on a cloverleaf exchange off of an interstate highway, this journal is Coming Soon.



The Amazing Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packet Diet

If you’re like me you have tried every weight loss diet on the market and probably spent tons of money with no weight loss to show for it.

Am I right?

That’s why I believe, I don’t just think, I know you will love my new Amazing Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packet Diet!

The revolutionary new way to lose weight!

Warning: This diet has not been endorsed by Taco Bell or any of its subsidiary companies or current, past or future employees.

Over the Counter

An old, short movie script tucked away here in the Archive. But, it's a PDF, and it's free, so...



The Dog

Another old, short movie script stashed in the Archive from a long time ago.

Camp Blood 3

An old script... obviously. Written for the director of the first two as practice for screenwriting.