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XH5 Monthly Report 00

Life Token Grey Paper Now Available Account Balance: 5425.602436 XLM Total Supply: 1,827,000 XH5 Real Value: 0.0012 XLM Melt Value: 0.00296967839956 XLM Letter to Friends: The XH5 Grey Paper is now available in PDF format. It covers a very basic overview of what I am trying to achieve with the Life Token Experiment and it will be expanded upon […]

XH5 Monthly Report 0

Homeless Guy Builds Own Cryptocurrency Account Balance: 4944.898155 XLM Total Supply: 1,827,000 XH5 Real Value: 0.0012 XLM Potential Value: 0.00270656713465 XLM Letter to Friends: Normally I would write the monthly report as if it was a letter to my friends, holders of my personal Life Token. But since I have not discussed the XH5, pronounced […]