XH5 Monthly Report 00

Life Token Grey Paper Now Available

Letter to Friends:

The XH5 Grey Paper is now available in PDF format. It covers a very basic overview of what I am trying to achieve with the Life Token Experiment and it will be expanded upon over the coming months.

Some important additions are How to Establish a Trustline for XH5 so that people can participate in the XH5 token Giveaway in Month 008, and How to Designate a Life Token Executor, which covers a proposed method of using a smart contract on Stellar to designate an Executor for the account. This is one of the biggest hurdles in having a functional Life Token Account as the basic premise is to liquidate the assets and distribute them to beneficiaries holding the XH5 token when I am no longer around to do so. Hopefully, experiments with smart contracts will happen in the near future.

I also added 500 XLM on November 10th, 2019, and updated the Trail Guide, which is my version of a Road Map, to include the addition of more Stellar Lumens on X-Day which occurs in Month 007. Though I have not addressed the idea of X-Day in the Grey Paper it is an annual holiday of change occurring July 20th of every year.

More about that later.

For now, this is just a quick Monthly Update, and since nobody else knows about the Life Token Experiment I feel like I’m talking to myself.