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XH5 Monthly Report 037

Coming to America Hello Friends, This is my last month living in Mexico for a while, time to head back to the United States to live in the backcountry desert of Arizona. The good thing about XH5 is that other than my regular token buyback schedule, it is completely automated. Even if I die of […]

XH5 Monthly Report 033

Three Years Old! Hello Friends, I can hardly believe that it has been three years since XH5 was created! I was incredibly excited by the fact that XH5 had surpassed 1 million trades prior to its third anniversary. Unfortunately, the number of trades I had been tracking for months was soon altered on Stellar.Expert. It […]

XH5 Monthly Report 032

What a Month! Hello Friends, First, I’d like to apologize for my blog being down. I’ve had problems with where it’s being hosted and have been in the middle of a move back to Mexico. Once things get settled it will be back up and running. You may have also noticed that the XH5 Monthly […]

Adding Value to NFTs on Stellar

It was January 2020 when I first heard that NFTs might soon become possible on the Stellar network. Most people understood that NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, were going to be important for personal identification, medical records, and ownership of real-world items. Personally, I had hoped to issue Kindle-like digital books as NFTs and found Ethereum’s […]

XH5 Monthly Report 005

Dwindling Supply Account Balance: 10,699.6322301 XLM Total Supply: 913,500 XH5 Real Value: 0.0058564 XLM Melt Value: 0.0117128 XLM Hello Friends, The 5th Token Burn for XH5 is complete. Bringing the Total Supply of XH5 below a million, to only 913,500. And there are two more token burns left before the Airdrop in August. There are now over 3,000 XLM […]

XH5 Monthly Report 004

Long Term Growth Account Balance: 9,489.9554163 XLM Total Supply: 1,096,200 XH5 Real Value: 0.0043286 XLM Melt Value: 0.0086571 XLM Hello Friends, I’m sure it has been quite a month for most of us, where the world no longer looks like it did only a couple of months ago. And this is most likely just the beginning of a long […]

XH5 Monthly Report 002

Burn Baby, Burn! Account Balance: 112,890.7684 XLM Total Supply: 1,461,600 XH5 Real Value: 0.0012 XLM Melt Value: 0.0772378 XLM Hello Friends, Another 182,700 XH5 tokens were burned on schedule, bringing the total supply down to 1,461,600. The value of the XH5 Account has grown significantly, due in part to the addition of a variety of Stellar assets, including SLT, […]