XH5 Monthly Report 004

Long Term Growth

Hello Friends,

I’m sure it has been quite a month for most of us, where the world no longer looks like it did only a couple of months ago. And this is most likely just the beginning of a long economic downturn. On top of that, fleeing Southeast Asia due to the pandemic has caused quite a setback in my momentum. Despite that, XH5 has grown in value. Slowly. The way it was intended.

This is just a quick reminder that this is a long-term value growth token experiment. Each token is worth a portion of the assets held in the account, so this month’s token burn of yet another 182,700 XH5 tokens increases the value of each and every outstanding XH5 token. Everyone gets a bigger slice of the pie, so to speak.

And that pie not only keeps getting bigger, but we have three more token burns before the Airdrop in August.

This month 40,000 MAG were added to the XH5 account to take advantage of the staking offered as a form of passive income. Plus, MAG seems like it will be around for a long time, which can’t be said for many of the other Stellar token projects that seem to come and go.

The trustlines of assets that are no longer traded were removed from the XH5 account. For a long time, 10 or so tokens from everything that had ever been traded were held for sentimental reasons. But that nostalgia felt like it was getting in the way of clarity regarding future growth.

What’s the plan for future growth?

To outperform Stellar Lumens by growing faster and falling less. The idea is capital preservation through inventory management. On the one hand, the XH5 account holds both BTC and ETH, which I think will slightly outperform XLM over the course of the next year. On the other hand, trading of USD, Centus and EURT will help prevent some of the downward pressure associated with the cyclical rise and fall of XLM prices.

And that’s much harder than it sounds.

No matter what, XH5 will continue to grow through my regular donations as well.

So establish a trustline and get free XH5 in the upcoming airdrop. No Purchase Necessary. Deposits will be made to anyone with a trustline, regardless of balance.

Life is Your Adventure, Live Your Dreams,