Monthly Reports

I want to: Write

How Will You Achieve That?

  • I will write and publish as many books as possible to develop an income that allows me to make donations towards the value of XH5

XH5pronounced Shave, is a charitable token based on the Stellar blockchain.

XH5 tokens are distributed for free, and those tokens are then repurchased by the Shave Account. XH5 not only helps newcomers familiarize themselves with their Stellar wallet, it also gives many the opportunity to fund their wallet by selling XH5 that they have received for free.

It is a personal charity meant to encourage Stellar adoption. One that can be run on any smartphone, from anywhere in the world, funded by whatever I choose to donate.

Read the Grey Paper for more details.

Help Me to Achieve My Goals:

  • Read my Books - A portion of the income generated from book sales will go back into the Life Token Experiment, building value in the XH5 Account
  • Read the XH5 Grey Paper to understand more about the Life Token Experiment
  • Establish a Trustline for XH5 on the Stellar Network
  • Join the XH5 Telegram Group