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I want to: Write

How Will You Achieve That?

  • I will write and publish as many books as possible to develop an income that allows me to invest in the long-term.
    • I will do this by focusing on one fiction or one non-fiction idea at a time

XH5pronounced Shave, is a personal Life Token Experiment based on the Stellar blockchain. At Liquidation of the XH5 Stellar Account, holders of the XH5 token will be entitled to a share of the account value

Visit the XH5 Market on Stellarport or read the Grey Paper for more details.

Help Me to Achieve My Goals:

  • Read my Books - A portion of the income generated from book sales will go back into the Life Token Experiment, building value in the XH5 Account
  • Read the XH5 Grey Paper to understand more about the Life Token Experiment
  • Establish a Trustline for XH5 on the Stellar Network - I will be giving away free XH5 Life Tokens in August of 2020
  • Donate Stellar Lumens or Purchase the XH5 Life Token on Stellarport

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