XH5 Monthly Report 026

Price Doesn’t Matter

Hello Friends,

If you think of XH5 as a token that could potentially make you rich, you’d be wrong.

Along with the rest of the crypto markets, XH5 has declined in value over the last month. Down against XLM by almost 20%, and roughly 33% against USD in that same period of time. I could also mention that the AQUA price is down almost 50% in the last month, something that very much affects any token which maintains a liquidity pool with AQUA… which includes XH5.

But price doesn’t matter.

I give XH5 away for free.

Like any other airdrop or gift, people are quick to swap XH5 for XLM or other tokens in order to fund their wallets. And that’s okay. That’s what XH5 was built for, to encourage Stellar adoption. To help newcomers fund and familiarize themselves with their wallet. To learn about trustlines, token swaps, and order books.

The important thing about XH5 is that all of the tokens I have given away for free will be repurchased. And to support the repurchase of outstanding XH5 tokens a donation of 1,000 XLM was made to the Shave account last month, which was then immediately added to the XH5/XLM liquidity pool. That liquidity pool actively buys and sells XH5 for the current market price.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

So if you hold XH5 and are concerned about the price, there is always a buyer waiting.

I must confess, autonomous liquidity tokens have always been an interest of mine, especially those that are permanently locked. I find the idea of automated traders beyond human management to be fascinating. The farther reaching implications suggest an end to global economic inequality and the potential to create a Universal Basic Income. But for the last couple of years, I have hesitated to develop anything outside of XH5. Until the Foreign Exchange Experiment.

The FXE token is an experiment in permanently locked liquidity pools. Forever outside the reach of human hands, these liquidity pools can never be removed and will exist for as long as the Stellar network functions. The FXE token provides Liquidity as a Service for a variety of fiat stablecoins available on the Stellar DEX, however, that does not suggest anything about the future price. While the FXE token is attempting to simplify fiat exposure, the wider implications for holders are complex and the token is not suggested for the average trader.

I do not suggest that you purchase or hold any of my tokens, and I am not mentioning FXE in the hope that the few XH5 holders who read the Monthly Report will go out and purchase the token. It is the idea of autonomous liquidity tokens that is important to understand if you decide to hodl XH5.

This is what the future looks like…

Life is your Adventure, Live Your Dream


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