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This is a complete list of Monthly Reports for the XH5 Life Token Experiment on the Stellar Network going back to its creation.

Below you will find a Simplified Trail Guide which outlines the bare minimum of what to expect from the next few months. The Trail Guide will be updated during Month 007 to reflect the course of the next year.

If you have any questions, try the Frequently Asked Questions page or use the link above to the main XH5 page for the Grey Paper.

Simplified Trail Guide


  • Month 0
    • XH5 Life Token Created
    • Sell Orders Placed
    • Project Defined
  • Month 00
    • Grey Paper MVP
  • Month 000
    • Grey Paper Made Public
    • HTTPS enabled on Cleanshave.org
  • Month 001
    • First Burn of 182,700 XH5 tokens
  • Month 002
    • Burn 182,700 XH5 tokens
  • Month 003
    • Burn 182,700 XH5 tokens
  • Month 004
    • Burn 182,700 XH5 tokens
  • Month 005
    • Burn 182,700 XH5 tokens
  • Month 006
    • Burn 182,700 XH5 tokens
  • Month 007
    • Last Scheduled Token Burn of 182,700 XH5 tokens
    • Any remaining XH5 tokens are removed from sell orders and put on hold for the giveaway to people who have established trustlines in their wallets.
    • XLM Deposit to the XH5 Account
  • Month 008
    • A Distribution of the remaining XH5 tokens to wallets that have established trustlines.
    • Grey Paper Update with an Extended Trail Guide


Monthly Reports


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