XH5 Monthly Report 006

Last Chance for Airdrop Eligibility

Hello Friends,

Slowly but surely XH5 is gaining ground with more assets added to the account.

This month 1,000 XLM, 28,000 SHX, and 673,462.748617 Kin were donated, adding to the account which makes up the value of each and every outstanding XH5 token. Meanwhile, the 6th token burn reduced the total supply to 730,800. There is only one more token burn before the airdrop, and this month is the last chance for the airdrop eligibility which closes on July 20th. Be sure to set a trustline for XH5 in your Stellar wallet before then if you are interested in receiving free tokens.

Personally, I’m excited to almost be done with the token burn, and for all the things in store for XH5 over the course of the next few years. I’m also excited to be able to give away XH5 tokens to people who have taken the time to establish trustlines. I hope some of you will stay after the airdrop, but I expect many to immediately sell their free XH5 and move on to the next project that promises free tokens. That’s usually the drawback to airdrops. People don’t respect something that they get for free. Which is a shame, but XH5 is meant to be my personal charity token. That’s what the buyback order at the Real Value is for, buying back tokens that I have given away for free. And right now there are over 4,000 XLM locked up to guarantee that XH5 cannot go to zero.

The portion of the account that isn’t locked up for buybacks is supposed to represent the long-term value of the account. However, the addition of assets other than lumens, KIN and SHX for example, could detract from the long-term value of XH5. Already we have seen many projects come and go on the Stellar network and holding anything other than lumens is a risk. It is important to remember that the value of the XH5 token isn’t based on the management of assets in the wallet to provide profit, it is based on my own personal donations which I will continue to make for as long as I can sustain them.

However, holding Stellar assets other than XLM is important to what I consider the character of the account. Showing support for projects being built on Stellar. Because in the end, my little charity token is about Stellar adoption. I am putting personal assets on the Stellar network in order to give them to Stellar users who receive my tokens. And there will be more opportunities to receive free XH5 in the coming months, as well as the upcoming mystery series which I hope will introduce new people to the Stellar token economy.

Because XH5 is a long-term project. As in, for the rest of my life. Which is why I originally called it a Life Token.

And the fun is just getting started.

Life is Your Adventure, Live Your Dreams,