XH5 Monthly Report 007

Happy X-Day!

Hello Friends,

The seventh and final XH5 token burn was for 182,109 XH5 versus the usual 182,700, which is 591 XH5 short in order to give each recipient of the airdrop almost another 10 XH5 each without dipping into the supply put aside for the airdrop to make up the difference.

The Total Supply is now 548,691 XH5, leaving 34,100 XH5 for the airdrop.

Eligibility for the airdrop means having a trustline on or before 2020-07-20 according to the UTC standard used by the Stellar Network. Right now there are 60 trustlines, one of which is the XH5 account that will not receive its portion of the airdrop. So 34,100 divided by 59 means 577.96 XH5 per trustline. Unless someone establishes a trustline before the end of the day, that is the airdrop amount to be expected.

Even though the actual XH5 account balance fell by over 200 XLM due to holding assets other than Stellar lumens, the Melt Value went up due to the last token burn. It is now 0.0207537 XLM, up from last month’s 0.0158926 XLM. This despite donating 1,000 XLM and 1,000 Centus to the value of the account, due to the recent price appreciation of XLM relative to underperforming assets. Suggesting that the move in Stellar was significant, and reminding everyone that holding assets other than Stellar lumens is a potential liability and not a source of growth for the account. Growth comes from my personal donations. Nothing else. XH5 is only worth what is donated to the account.

And to that end, making that more transparent, I have created a Balance Sheet page that covers what the XH5 account holds as well as a history of all donations.

I have also put together a post on X-Day, and why I chose July 20th as my annual holiday, which is essentially a personal New Years’ Eve.

The updated Grey Paper will be released after the airdrop is complete and before the next Monthly Report. It will include the vision for XH5 which will take us through the next year. For now, X-Day is about making significant changes and deciding what comes next. There are no more token burns scheduled, the supply will remain where it is, at 548,691 XH5, for the foreseeable future.

What remains the same is that I will continue to increase the value of the XH5 account by donating on average 1,000 XLM per month for the next year at a minimum. While the growth of the Melt Value may be seen as slow to many who want a cryptocurrency to moon, it would be good to remember that this is a long term charity project to encourage Stellar adoption by giving away lumens to XH5 holders. While I plan on giving away XH5 in person to other long-distance hikers in order to help them pay for their hike, they will have to have a Stellar wallet to receive my token. Until that becomes more common the bulk of the XH5 charity will go towards the token holders who received the airdrop. The early adopters who trust me enough to keep growing the value of the XH5 account through my donations.

Life is Your Adventure, Live Your Dreams,