XH5 Monthly Report 014

Hobo with a Phone

  • Real Value: 0.0230753 XLM*
  • Melt Value: 0.0349319 XLM
  • Total Supply: 548,691 XH5
  • Account Balance: 19,166.8195360 XLM

Hello friends,

First of all let me apologize for being almost a week late uploading this report. Between the weak cell phone signal in parts of rural Florida and being waist deep in Bradwell Bay Wilderness and other assorted swamps along the Florida Trail I haven’t had much opportunity to sit down and thumb type this out.

The biggest thing that I wanted to mention was the February 1st XH5 token dump. This was a single individual who used multiple airdrop wallets to dump on the market after having been inactive prior to the XH5 airdrop. 6 wallets, 1 person. Which did little more than drain the Buyback budget of a few hundred lumens.

To be honest I am grateful that those XH5 tokens are now off the market.

As far as promoting Stellar adoption, it’s harder to get people to download a Stellar wallet than I had expected. Offers of free XH5 just aren’t motivation enough. Seven people in the last month who expressed an interest in crypto couldn’t be bothered to take those few extra steps. Not even for 1,000 XH5. Which is what I am giving away, free of charge, to anyone that meets me in person.

That being said, Stellar adoption is going to take longer than I expected.

In other news, there has been no Real Value growth. Again. All growth is being drained at the expense of maintaining the Buyback budget.

As of February 20th, 9,689 XLM have been spent by the Shave account buying XH5 from the market. That’s almost 10,000 XLM that otherwise would have gone to growing the value of the Shave account, and therefore the Real Value of every outstanding XH5 token.

Most likely the Buyback budget will be discontinued on X-Day, July 20th, if there is still anything left at that point. The original plan had been to continue the Buyback budget for two years following the airdrop, but at this point it seems counterproductive to Real Value growth.

But then again, if you are expecting the value of a homeless guy’s token to skyrocket while he attempts to promote Stellar adoption using spare change, you might need to reevaluate holding XH5.

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