XH5 Monthly Report 003

Slow Moving Growth

Hello Friends,

Even though we’re still in the early stages of the XH5 token it’s nice to see people taking advantage of the buy orders in place for holders who need liquidity. Everything in the XH5 account belongs to the token holders, it’s how the XH5 token gets its underlying value. And 10,150 MAG were deposited this month to increase that value, bringing the total above 60,000 MAG earning a regular staking reward.

That being said, the Melt Value, or the value of each XH5 token based on the total value of the account if it was liquidated, has been miscalculated in previous months. Because the project was new and there weren’t many buyers of XH5, the value of those tokens was included in the calculation. Which was in error.

If the account were to be liquidated, any XH5 held by the account would be burned, not sold. So going forward the value of the XH5 tokens held in the account will not be included in the Melt Value. This drastically drops the Melt Value from the estimations of the previous two months but will smooth out the fluctuations in value as we move forward.

Just to be clear, an XH5 token is worth the Melt Value when the account is liquidated. Until then it is worth the Real Value, which is 50% of Melt Value. Anything above those numbers is speculation on future value. Though this is covered in the Grey Paper it will be explained in greater detail in the updated version which will be released in a few days.

Yesterday’s token burn of 182,700 XH5 went off without a problem. There are now only 1,278,900 XH5 left, and another 730,800 left to burn over the next four months, prior to the airdrop.

I’ll keep this month’s report short, everyone has far more to think about with this pandemic shutting everything down. We are going to be seeing the economic reverberations from this for quite some time. So if you need to sell your XH5 this early in the experiment, I’ll understand. That’s why the buy orders are there.

The good news is that the Real Value jumped from 0.0012 to 0.0033489, meaning that there are now almost triple the amount of XLM dedicated to buying back all available XH5 on the market as there was last month.

And that will keep on growing over the lifetime of the experiment.

We have a long way to go with XH5. Four months until the airdrop, but two more years of growth already planned out as well. Hope we’re all around to enjoy it.

Life is Your Adventure, Live Your Dreams,