XH5 Monthly Report 011

Order Book Adjustment

Hello Friends,

Since the XH5 airdrop, the buy-side of the order book has been left wide open, for the most part, so that interested parties could snatch up XH5 as it was being unloaded onto the market. A few people took advantage of this by buying then immediately flipping the XH5 for a profit. Now that the amount of XH5 being dumped on the market has slowed to a mere trickle, I have decided to tighten up the order book, and as you have probably seen over the last week or so, the buyback orders have begun stacking so that there is more liquidity in a tighter spread.

XH5 should not be considered a speculative trade. In fact, I do not suggest purchasing it at all. The regular donations that I make into the account are meant to buyback the XH5 tokens that I have freely given out. And while there is no guarantee that I will continue making donations, I do guarantee that once the Real Value buyback order has been set, it will never be lowered.

The active Buyback Program, however, is going to change in December. Currently, the XH5 account purchases XH5 tokens from the market on a daily basis, something that will change to a weekly basis in December, with the purchases coming on Thursday’s. This change is to prepare for the limited internet available while long-distance hiking in an attempt to complete the Triple Crown.

Something I am very excited about.

Life is Your Adventure, Live Your Dreams,