XH5 Monthly Report 024

Greater Automation

Hello Friends,

Two things of note happened with XH5 in the last month. First, trading volume for XH5 has exploded due to the use of the Automated Market Maker functionality introduced in Protocol 18, and second, XH5 now has a verified listing on SDEXEX as one of the top 50 assets on Stellar.

Nearly 20% of the total supply, over 105,000 XH5, is now locked up in automated market makers to support the price as I minimize making manual buy orders in the order books. This can easily be verified by checking the Circulating Supply amount as listed on SDEXEX and subtracting that from the total supply of XH5 found on Stellar Expert.

As long as these liquidity pools remain in place the circulating supply of XH5 should continue to diminish over time with no further intervention on my part. Due to the fees earned by the Automated Market Makers more and more XH5 will be locked in the liquidity pools the longer they remain operational.

Despite that very promising slow growth, some people may choose to sell the XH5 that they have received for free. Because of this, another 1,000 XLM Monthly Donation was made to XH5 to support the repurchase of those XH5 tokens, including the latest Monthly Reward. After all, there are no guarantees. Neither in future donations nor in the safety and security of the liquidity pools and especially not in price.

The sole purpose of XH5 is to provide newcomers to Stellar with the opportunity not only to familiarize themselves with their Stellar wallet but to give them something to sell in order to fund their wallet reserves.

XH5 is about Stellar adoption, it is not about price.

Life is your Adventure, Live Your Dream