XH5 Monthly Report 029

A Reminder to Never Buy XH5!

Hello friends,

As you may have already noticed, everything XH5-related, including the Stellar Drone YouTube promotion, was interrupted due to my move from Mexico to the US. More than that, it’s been a bear of a month for the crypto markets in general and Stellar lumens in particular. XLM is down from $0.22 USD to currently hovering around $0.12 USD.

Something that is hard to watch as a long-term believer in the Stellar network without the capital to buy the dip.

Meanwhile, XH5 is holding strong at just under .5 XLM… Unless you’re one of those people that are more concerned about the dollar value… if so then XH5 has plummeted in value due to the drop in the price of XLM.

Reminding us all… Never Buy XH5!


Because I give XH5 away for Free!

The Monthly Reward of 100 XH5 for a randomly chosen holder is only one of the ways that XH5 is distributed. It is also given away to friends and locked in liquidity pools for dozens of token projects on Stellar. Plus, there are still almost 14,000 XH5 in the Distribution wallet left to give away.

None of those help to support the price.

The only thing giving XH5 any hint of value is the fact that I make donations to the Shave account in order to repurchase all outstanding tokens. While I wasn’t able to make a donation to XH5 last month, and keeping in mind that future contributions are not guaranteed, I donated 2,000 XLM this month to make up the difference. Those 2,000 XLM were swapped for yXLM, and that was deposited into a liquidity pool with XH5 to support its market price.

Also supporting XH5, the Stellar Drones have outperformed expectations by showing the resilience of their permanently locked liquidity vault. From having 5,000 XLM worth of assets locked to 16,000 XLM… then back to 11,000 XLM before shooting up to almost 25,000 XLM… and then dropping back to 11,000 XLM.

That roller coaster ride of locked liquidity was autonomously balanced by the networked market of the Stellar Drones, allowing each one to add value in the form of fees earned. Value that can never be removed from the Stellar Drone vault. Value permanently locked on the Stellar network.

Value permanently tied to XH5.

Think about that… for as long as the Stellar network exists, the Stellar Drones will trade XH5.

I think that’s pretty cool.

Life is your Adventure, Live Your Dream


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