XH5 Monthly Report 017


Hello Friends,

May has been an incredibly shitty month. The lives of people I love are collapsing around me while the market struggles. I can’t give away XH5 tokens in person to save my life. But if you’ve got the inclination, I’ve got the grind.


And I apologize for the word, as I don’t really feel that way about many of these projects. In fact, I am sure that many people who stumble across XH5 consider it a worthless shitcoin.

For a long time I refused to hold tokens not issued with complete transparency. I preferred anchors that had chartable price movements rather than tokens issued by a random website. And because of that I lost out on some significant price movement for the XH5 token holders.

Notably in the XLPG, FRED, and SHX departments. All tokens I should have kept in the Shave account and worked more dillegently.

There just isn’t enough volume on the Stellar DEX, nor are there enough interesting and transparent projects willing to work with a network lacking in smart contracts.

That being said, I added yXLM, SIA, ZEN, LAX, KTHouse, SCOP, and SUN tokens to the portfolio, as well as re-added Mobi and Tern. In part to support other active token projects on Stellar, but mostly because I am failing at giving away the lumens I have put on deposit for XH5 token holders.

Adding these tokens is in no way a suggestion to buy, sell, or hold any of them. If you haven’t figured it out yet, cryptocurrencies are highly volitile and can often cause one to lose their entire investment.

Speaking of which, ZRX was also removed due to it being delisted by Apay. Which is too bad because ZRX is a solid project that should have an active anchor on Stellar. I only wish I had more funds available to provide liquidity for such an important token.

We also had an XH5 token holder dump on the XLM market this month. And while I appreciate the return of outstanding tokens to the Shave account, it seems shortsighted on the part of the seller.

Just so everyone is fully aware, I provide liquidity across more markets than merely XLM. What this means is that instead of desperately selling into available XLM buy orders, simply put your XH5 up in a sell order, for XLM, and allow the liquidity to return a greater profit. Rather than selling across the spread.

Does that make sense?

I have to ask, because nobody has been taking advantage of the liquidity in other markets. Stellar doesn’t require you to act in all of them, there are trading robots which arbitrage the price against multiple order books.

Selling XH5 in this manner takes patience. Rather than just dumping into obvious buy orders that any five year old could see, selling into liquidity that may not be immediately obvious pays off in the long run.

Then again, the sellers most likely received their XH5 for free, so who am I to complain about the discount in buying it back?

As it stands now, even if all outstanding wallets that received the XH5 airdrop dumped their tokens on the market simultaneously, the order book wouldn’t allow them to hit the Real Value order which can buy the entire supply.

There is also a way to take the majority of the funds held by the Shave account, but I’ve left that opportunity open in hopes that someone smart, an XH5 token holder, might figure it out.

The assets held in the Shave account are there for you, the XH5 token holders. Take it, or I’ll keep playing games buying shitcoins and the whole thing could disappear.

The outcome is entirely up to you.

Life is Your Adventure, Live Your Dreams