XH5 Monthly Report 030

Black Days?

Hello Friends,

This is going to be a short update, and yes, it is late again. Often I do not know the day of the week, never mind the day of the month, and while I am constantly working on adding value to XH5, sometimes life gets in the way of posting the Monthly Report on the 20th. Living out of your backpack is not the best way to be productive, and it may be a few more months before my living situation is somewhat stable.

All the more reason not to hold XH5.

It has also been an awful time for crypto and Stellar in particular. WalletConnect has been having issues allowing people to connect to their wallets and the Apay collapse has caused a significant loss of value across the Stellar network. Then there’s the WhipLash347 and Quantum Stellar Initiative (QSI) investigation and the suicide of one investor who lost $100,000.

Over shitcoins.

I’d like to remind you to NEVER BUY XH5!

But also, NEVER invest money into Stellar tokens that you aren’t absolutely willing to lose. The bar for creating tokens on Stellar is low, and more importantly, digital tokens have no inherent value. Even long-time trusted anchors on the Stellar network fail, i.e., Apay, and when they do they take everyone’s money with them.

Think about it, why would you hold a token today that may be worth nothing tomorrow?

Even the safest trade on the Stellar DEX (XLM/USDC, imo) adds a significant level of risk to your trade, likewise holding yXLM for the interest, because you open yourself up to counterparty risk by having to trust the anchors. People are usually the problem, a problem that could be solved by removing them from the token management equation.

While digital tokens have no inherent value, holders give any token network value. More so when these tokens have locked issuing accounts and liquidity pools that can never be removed from the Stellar network.

I will never ask you to purchase XH5. I will never suggest that it will go up in value or that it will make you rich, because it won’t.

I give XH5 away for free to friends, family, and in the Monthly Reward drawing, which is late this month but will be up soon. And for those with a deCent trustline, I will be giving away yet-to-be-seen Stellar Drone NFTs after X-Day, which is July 20th. Like the Stellar Drone NFTs already on the market, these will be completely autonomous, balancing their liquidity for as long as the Stellar network exists, and doing so without human intervention.

They are unstoppable financial automatons.

And while the collapse of Apay took a significant amount of value out of the XH5 liquidity pools, it may not be unstoppable, but it is pretty damn resilient.

Life is your Adventure, Live Your Dream


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