XH5 Monthly Report 018

Quiet Days

Hello Friends,

After sorting out family drama in Rhode Island it is nice to be back on the west coast, in the Olympic National Park, camped in a van down by the river.

Living the dream.

Almost nothing of interest happened to the Shave account or the XH5 token over the last month. DEX volume seems to have slowed down, but that happens anytime there is a general cryptocurrency market pullback. And prices for most cryptocurrencies have retraced significantly in terms of their USD prices, which is just one reason that I never consider XH5 as having a dollar value. XH5 is priced in lumens, and even then the total supply is only worth the donations held in the Shave account.

Because XH5 is priced in lumens, the market saw almost no fluctuation in value over the last month. The price of XH5 has consistently remained between .45 & .475 XLM. However, a token holder who thought of XH5 in terms of USD value would be highly disappointed with last month’s 50% drop from 33 cents to 16 cents.

Again, I hate to sound like a broken record, but XH5 is not going to make you rich. Its value is solely derived from my own personal donations, which are in no way guaranteed. Token holders benefit by selling their XH5 and draining the donations from the Shave account or by holding until the account is liquidated.

That being said, I plan on making an annual donation, next month, on X-Day. My own personal holiday will also include a promotion for anyone, anywhere, to receive XH5 for free.

So stay tuned.

Life is your Adventure, Live Your Dream