XH5 Monthly Report 009

Setback Month

Hello Friends,

Due to a series of setbacks this month XH5 is slightly behind schedule. The Daily Buyback Program is still on schedule, but redoing the Buyback order for the entire outstanding supply and the website updates will have to wait until tomorrow.

The Melt Value of XH5 has not gone up much as I was unable to make a donation over and above the Monthly Donations made in advance for the whole year. I will be making another donation of 1,000 XLM soon.

My hope had been that a quiet location with a new laptop would give me the opportunity to work on the Crypto Mystery Series, however, the learning curve for the new laptop is extremely frustrating. Things that work on my phone or any android or Google device now no longer function on a Microsoft PC. On top of that, they have been doing sidewalk and road construction outside of where I am now staying, not to mention the fall temperature drop which reminds me that it is almost time to head south for the winter. And I’m not sure how that is going to work in this pandemic environment.

On a more positive note, I still can’t believe that we are only two weeks away from the one year anniversary of XH5. Even though it may feel like the airdrop was the beginning of XH5, it officially began in October 2019. (Though it was first dreamed of in early February 2018)

Right now I think a few people are trading XH5 not because of what it represents, i.e., a token backed by my donations, and instead are trading it because there isn’t much activity on the Stellar DEX. Daily Active Accounts on Stellar have been at extreme lows lately with some articles even referring to the Stellar network as a ghost chain. But I think that’s mostly due to the flash of DeFi grabbing everyone’s attention.

For some of us the cryptocurrency world seems huge, but there are a limited amount of eyeballs and wallets in this space. And with a large chunk of those people chasing gains the crowd can seem fickle, moving like a flock of birds rather than as intelligent human beings.

Stellar is building the financial infrastructure of the future, and that takes time. I’m excited about the future of the Stellar network and XH5. So despite the setbacks, I am here for the long haul.

Life is Your Adventure, Live Your Dreams,