XH5 Monthly Report 012

Buyback Galore

Hello Friends,

In the last month, the XH5 Buyback Program repurchased over 7,000 XH5 from the market. More than any other month since the creation of the token. That also means that the Buyback Budget is dwindling fast. 50% of the Buyback Budget has already been dispersed during the first five months of buying back XH5 tokens that were given away in the airdrop.

Last month’s experimental switch from a Daily to a Weekly Buyback Program seems doable, even while hiking where internet and even cell phone signals are inconsistent. Because the plan in 2021 is to spend as much time hiking as possible, and keeping up with a Daily Buyback Program until the budget ran out didn’t seem possible.

The good news is that this leaves a lot of liquidity near the market price, meaning that anyone who receives XH5 tokens doesn’t have to sell down to the Real Value if they no longer want to hold their tokens for the long term.

As far as growth goes, 10,000 Centus were donated to the XH5 account over the course of the last month. That being said, both the Real and Melt Values dropped regardless of that donation. The Real and Melt Values are the XLM valuations of the XH5 account, and against which the actual value of each XH5 token is determined.

Why did the value drop?

Because the price of lumens skyrocketed compared to other assets during that time period. And since a third of the XH5 account holds digital assets other than XLM, overall the value did not grow, it instead lost out on some growth potential. Hopefully, small gains or losses due to diversification are not why people choose to hold the XH5 token. The account does not grow because of superior trading techniques, it relies on my continued donations. And even those are not guaranteed to continue.

What is guaranteed is that I will never roll back the Real Value purchase order for the total outstanding supply of XH5. Though the Real Value dropped from 0.0230753 XLM to 0.0179922 XLM, the existing purchase order at 0.0230753 XLM will not be lowered. (*Hence, that price has not been adjusted at the top of this month’s report.) The purchase amount has been adjusted to account for the lowered outstanding supply, but the price will remain the same until it is exceeded.

Even if everyone decided to dump their XH5 tokens and drain the small charity fund that I have managed to build.

It’s there for you to take, anytime you want to sell.

Life is Your Adventure, Live Your Dreams,