XH5 Monthly Report 000

The Life Token Experiment is Now Public!

Letter to Friends:

Here we are in Month 000 of the Life Token Experiment, and there were only two milestones this early in the project, that the Grey Paper would be made public and HTTPS would be enabled on Cleanshave.org. Both of those have been achieved.

There is an updated Grey Paper now available which includes some of my ideas on how the Life Token will help a person to set and achieve life goals. It is still in the early stages and a lot of my ideas have not yet been integrated into the Grey paper, but that will be developed over time.

A Life Token, for those of you that are new to the experiment, is a way to set and achieve long-term goals while allowing people to invest in your future. More than that, the Life Token allows you to share accumulated asset value with those who have inspired you.

For instance, I set up my own demo profile page, but the example I use most often, Little Johnny Ann, might be a better introduction as to how a person could start their own Life Token in the future. By using the Life Token as a foundation Little Johnny Ann is building towards a career as a rockstar, and they are building their social and economic network from a very early age to help them reach that goal.

Unlike Little Johnny Ann, I am mostly building value into the XH5 token so that long term holders of the token will benefit from the account liquidation at the end of the experiment. These are people who have either invested in the idea through the purchase of Life Tokens or who have been gifted Life Tokens at some point during the experiment.

Why enable HTTPS?

HTTPS is required for the Stellar network to access the toml file which contains identifying information about the XH5 Life Token. For instance, if you look at the XH5 Market on Stellarport, it is now showing a logo as well as details and conditional information, such as a description, “The Shave Token, or XH5, is the personal Life Token of Cleanshave. To learn more about the Life Token Experiment read the XH5 Grey Paper @ cleanshave.org/xh5,” and the conditions, “At Liquidation of the XH5 Stellar Account holders of the XH5 token will be entitled to a share of the account value.”

This basic information sums up the Life Token Experiment without having to read the Life Token Grey Paper, but I highly encourage you to delve deeper as I would greatly appreciate any feedback.

Thanks, and don’t forget to establish a trustline on Stellar if you are interested in the experiment.


*p.s. I am currently in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and the wifi where I am staying is not great. So the screenshot for this month’s report could not be fully loaded.