XH5 Monthly Report 020

Do Not Buy XH5!

Hello Friends,

For those who do not know, XH5 is a free personal cryptocurrency that I give away to friends, family, and strangers in order to encourage the adoption of the Stellar network on which it is built. Since its inception, I have given away 35,201.68 XH5. Most of which has been repurchased using the regular donations that I make to the Shave account. 3,758.5 of those XH5 were repurchased from the market in the last month alone.

Why would I give tokens away for free when I then had to buy them back at a loss?

Two words; Stellar adoption

I am willing to incentivize Stellar adoption at my own expense. And though I make regular donations in order to repurchase XH5, XH5 will not make you rich. I am not rich. There is a limit to how much I can donate. For instance, last month’s donation was only 1,450 SIA, which is hardly anything to get excited about. This isn’t Lumenswap or the AQUA airdrop! This is a long-term, slow-moving token, the success of which is entirely dependant upon how much I personally donate and the rate at which I give it away.

Despite being almost two years old, we are only in Phase 2 of the XH5 token. This growth phase, (see grey paper), is about getting friends, family, and strangers introduced to the Stellar network. And though the distribution phase isn’t scheduled to happen until July 2023, I am still giving away limited amounts of XH5 to trustline holders before that date.

Do Not Buy XH5! Get it for Free!

“How?” You might ask.

It’s that simple.

Token Holder Rewards

Beginning next month, a monthly token holder reward will be going out to a randomly chosen, funded wallet.

1,000 XH5 has been put aside, and 10% of that will go out each month when a claimable balance will be established for the chosen wallet. That means 100 XH5 will go out the first month, with that amount continuously decreasing unless token holders fail to claim the balance. This balance will be available for 30 days, and if not claimed will go back into the pot to be given to the next randomly chosen token holder.

Every XH5 token holder is eligible. There is no need to do anything.

Simply look for the claimable balance in your wallet or read the announcement in the next XH5 Monthly Report to find out which wallet will be receiving that month’s token holder reward.

We are still at the beginning of a very long road, and I am grateful for the XH5 token holders that have joined me early on this journey. Please consider joining the XH5 Telegram group for more XH5 rewards.

Life is your Adventure, Live Your Dream