XH5 Monthly Report 028

Stellar Drones

Hello friends,

The last month was particularly interesting for XH5 with the release of the Stellar Drone utility NFTs which are unlike any other NFT being made on Stellar.

100 XH5 was sent to a trustline holder who found all of the Stellar Drones and added trustlines to each one based on the hints provided in the Telegram group.

Hints were further added to the blog posts about Adding Value to NFTs on Stellar and How to Read NFT Data Entries on Stellar, which were also shared not only in the XH5 Telegram group but on my personal Twitter.

Before the Stellar Drones went public, clues were also dropped via the Stellar Drone Twitter account, and afterward, each one was verified on SDEXEX.

But what does that have to do with XH5?

Each Stellar Drone is permanently locked in liquidity pools against XH5. These liquidity pools can never be removed from the Stellar network because the wallet that holds the liquidity pool shares is locked. This means that each Stellar Drone will trade XH5 for as long as the Stellar network exists.

The Stellar Drones are autonomous utility NFTs or tokens which will repurchase themselves. In order to get a Stellar Drone, you have to add liquidity to the pool, and in order to remove liquidity from the pool, you have to sell a Stellar Drone. Even as the creator of each Stellar Drone, I was required to purchase them in order to hold the tokens.

You can see all of this for yourself, either on Stellar Expert to verify that the Stellar Drone Vault is locked and that no tokens existed anywhere else until they were purchased, or you can view the account balance of the Stellar Drone Vault on Stellarfolio to see exactly how much value they have managed to lock on the Stellar network.

As I have said before, I do not want anyone to think that they have to purchase any of them. They are completely autonomous and will function without human intervention. But just so you know, it is only the beginning of the Stellar Drone saga.

Since last month, 1,000 XLM was donated to the Shave account, which was then immediately put into the XH5/XLM liquidity pool as part of the long-term plan to stabilize the price of XH5 and ensure that there is always a market for people who want to sell.

The Shave account holds multiple liquidity pools for XH5 and is responsible for repurchasing all outstanding XH5 tokens. At any time you can see the value of this account on Stellarfolio, but the long-term plan is to move this liquidity into locked accounts, forever out of my hands, to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that I will never rug this project.

Life is your Adventure, Live Your Dream


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