XH5 Monthly Report 037

Coming to America

Hello Friends,

This is my last month living in Mexico for a while, time to head back to the United States to live in the backcountry desert of Arizona. The good thing about XH5 is that other than my regular token buyback schedule, it is completely automated. Even if I die of dehydration and exposure on my extended wilderness adventure XH5 will keep ticking away.

What isn’t automated is the Stellar Drone development.

For those who don’t know, Stellar Drones use the XH5 token to help support their price, and vice versa. They have been steadily chugging away at what they do best, providing liquidity-as-a-service to the Stellar DEX. And they will continue to do that for as long as the Stellar network exists.

The members of the XH5 Telegram group got a sneak peek at some of the content being developed for the upcoming release of the Stellar Drone novel, expected to be available on Amazon Kindle by the fall. Many of you might have been confused by the cryptic post that included this string of seemingly random numbers and letters, QmcM1aKFTnm64Gf8pm1FQ3C1wXGw7yb8qtjUKyRge4Y5Wq, but as at least one astute XH5 holder recognized it as an IPFS CID… which is now linked for the ease of discovery.

The content there, which includes the first chapter of the new book, is the beginning of the Stellar Drone backstory. The website was kept extremely simple to be easily viewable with low bandwidth internet connections. After all, Stellar is global. And towards that end, the Stellar Drone YouTube channel will be releasing Lobstr tutorials in six different languages in the coming month. (English, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Thai, and Chinese) The channel will also be releasing regular token updates as YouTube Shorts in an attempt to introduce more people to the Stellar Drones and the Stellar network in general.

The new Stellar Drone website will also be released this month’s end. It’s not pretty, but it is easy to load and has tons of information about the project and how you can help bring about global economic equality.

Because that’s what the Stellar Drones are about, global economic equality and the end of fiat slavery.

In a fun and fictional storytelling kind of way.

I’m excited to share their story and potentially bring more people to the Stellar network with the Stellar Drone novel. I have put off writing it for far too long because I wasn’t yet finished building the Stellar Drone liquidity network. However, on December 31st the last Stellar Drone Vault was locked. No more Stellar Drone utility tokens will be issued. On a technical level, the project is complete.

But overall, the project is just beginning.

Life is your Adventure, Live Your Dream


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