XH5 Monthly Report 019

Happy X-Day!

Hello Friends,

Another year and another 12,000 XLM were donated this morning, along with 12,000 XH5, bringing the XH5 account value to over 31,200 XLM. And despite being almost two years into building this charitable fund, I am just getting started.

Last year’s X-Day account balance was 11,387 XLM, meaning that I have donated over 19,800 XLM during the previous year in an attempt to promote Stellar adoption. That’s rather impressive considering that more than six months of donations in the form of Centus tokens ended up losing all value… ugh.

There are now over 13,000 lumens locked up in a single order to buy back the entire supply of XH5 at the Real Value of 0.0284558 XLM.

According to the Road Map, aka Trail Guide, we are in the middle of the Growth Phase. Both last year and the next are about adding trustlines for XH5 and getting people to start using Stellar… Something that is much harder than I had imagined. I have had dozens of conversations with people all over the United States throughout the last year, and despite their initial excitement, getting them to install a Stellar wallet and add a trustline is exceedingly difficult. Even when I was offering 1,000 XH5!

Though the number of trustlines for XH5 grew by 33% over the last year, we are still very early in the adoption of cryptocurrency. So much so that it is hard for some people to grasp why they need another app on their phone which requires them to jump through the hoops of funding and adding a trustline just to receive my personal crypto. Even if it is free. Even if they can turn around and sell it for XLM.

That being said, I am looking for suggestions on how to promote Stellar adoption.

LumeRate, a Stellar Asset Discussion site, was built just for this purpose. It is free to join and comment, and I will send 10 XH5 to anyone who registers just for including their Stellar wallet address in their profile, as long as they also have an XH5 trustline. And that’s just for starters. I will also be making regular donations to LumeRate contributors for the next several years, and not just for talking about XH5, but any Stellar asset.

If you are active on the SDEX, or even if you are new to the Stellar network, consider joining the discussion. I look forward to hearing from you.

Life is your Adventure, Live Your Dream