XH5 Monthly Report 001

No Purchase Necessary

Hello Friends,

It’s been an interesting first month being public with the XH5 Life Token Experiment. There’s been decent trustline growth as well as the first token burn, which got rid of 10% of the existing supply, or 182,700 XH5, bringing the Total Supply down to 1,644,300 XH5.

That was just the first of seven planned token burns to reduce the supply. If you’d like to know more, read the XH5 Grey Paper.

The Shave token, XH5, is currently at 23 trustlines, but I am still giving away 10 XH5 for anyone who opens a trustline in their Stellar wallet. Having a trustline makes you eligible for the airdrop coming up in August, and for both, there is No Purchase Necessary.

You may have noticed that the Melt Value has jumped significantly, partially because of the token burn, but mostly because of a few purchases of the XH5 Life Token by people who found an interest in the project.

If you’re one, thanks. If not, don’t worry, you can still get in on the experiment without being required to buy a single XH5 Life Token. Just open a trustline, and like Ron Popeil says, “Set it, and forget it!”

As far as the future goes, next year’s Trail Guide is looking pretty exciting. That’s the name for the XH5 roadmap, and the new year starts on X-Day, which is on July 20th. A lot will be happening in the next few months, including the release of a new Kindle book to hopefully generate some revenue and add value to the XH5 Life Token Account.

Thanks for your interest,