XH5 Monthly Report 021

No Promotion!

Hello Friends,

And hello to all the new trustlines that managed to find XH5 in the last month. Be sure to join the XH5 Telegram Group for the chance to get Free XH5.

For those who stumbled across XH5 and added a trustline I thought it might be prudent to reiterate the No Promotion Philosophy. There will be no future listings of XH5 on other exchanges. There will be no social media promotion. There will be no news stories about the homeless guy giving away XH5 to promote Stellar adoption.

Trustline growth is not a priority, and price is never a consideration.

XH5 is not going anywhere, especially when I give it away for free. The growth of XH5 is based on my own personal donations, which are in no way guaranteed. Please keep that in mind.

Since last month 1,000 XLM was donated to the Shave account, the value of which is what determines the value of each XH5 token. (Read the Grey Paper) A close personal friend of mine was also onboarded to the Stellar network when they downloaded a Lobstr wallet which the Shave account then funded with 10 XLM and 100 XH5.

That’s the first person who wasn’t interested in cryptocurrency that has come to the Stellar network because of XH5. Everyone else has already had a Stellar wallet or known something about crypto. And it couldn’t have happened at a worse time.

As many XH5 holders may know, I have been living out of my backpack since 07/20/15. And while things have settled down from those early days of living in the mountains along National Scenic Hiking Trails, or living in hostels in Southeast Asia, it still isn’t smooth sailing as far as maintaining XH5. Last month the toml was edited incorrectly causing the logo and description to be dropped from all Stellar DEX exchanges and making it completely undiscoverable. Which didn’t look good while onboarding the new Stellar user. Then, having no cell signal or access to the internet, I was unable to build the first Claimable Balance in the new XH5 Monthly Token Holder Reward.

I regret to say that the Monthly Token Holder Reward will have to begin next month.

Setbacks are bound to happen, but there will always be buy orders in place to repurchase the XH5 that I have given away for free. Just another reason not to buy XH5…

Life is your Adventure, Live Your Dream