XH5 Monthly Report 027

Hints and Setbacks

Hello friends,

The month started with someone noticing the first experimental utility NFT to be released on Stellar that supported XH5. I sent them 100 XH5 for purchasing the NFT and vaguely posted about it to the Telegram group. There, one other person got the hint and commented about it on my blog, and to whom I promptly sent a small portion of the NFT.

That was it. Nobody else noticed.

That’s not a big deal. I don’t do promotion, I’m not trying to build hype. XH5 has been built to function long beyond my own life expectancy, without management, and adoption is not the primary concern.

Also, the first utility NFT was a test that had multiple aspects, not all of which were successful. There have been several more utility NFT experiments since then, and I had hoped to publish a few blog posts about NFTs on Stellar, how they worked, and how a person could add more value than a simple image stored on IPFS… Only WordPress crashed. Despite multiple hours online with support, every day, over the course of a week, I could not get the problem resolved.

Even though most of the functionality has been restored, you may notice problems throughout the blog as I continue attempting to resolve this issue.

That’s also why this report is a day late.

On a positive note, I hope that setbacks like this prevent you from buying XH5. You shouldn’t. XH5 will not make you rich, and apparently, I cannot give it away to some people. The winner of last month’s reward left the 100 XH5 Monthly Reward unclaimed, even after a post to the Telegram group reminding them that they had ten days left.

When a Monthly Reward is left unclaimed it is returned to the Distribution account and added to the next month’s Monthly Reward. This month’s winner received a claimable balance of 200 XH5. If that goes unclaimed, the next month’s winner will receive 300 XH5.

Since last month, 1,000 XLM was donated to the Shave account, which was then immediately put into the XH5/XLM liquidity pool. Currently, 21% of the XH5 total supply is locked in liquidity pools. FXE, which is another permanent utility token partially funded by XH5, met and exceeded the token burn target, burning 10.9% of its total supply. FXE was also incorporated into the second hint regarding the utility NFTs in a non-obvious way. That hint was dropped exclusively in the Telegram group.

The hints and clues regarding both existing and future utility NFT’s that I believe will create long-term demand for XH5 will not be simple or obvious. Primarily because I do not want anyone to think that they have to purchase any of them. They are completely autonomous and will function without human intervention.

That’s the point.

Their value, their art, is in how they function.

Life is your Adventure, Live Your Dream


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