XH5 Monthly Report 022

Hello New Trustlines!

Hello Friends,

First off, I’d like to welcome all the new XH5 trustline holders. Be sure to join the Telegram group.

Last month I donated 5,000 XLM to the Shave account so that it can repurchase the XH5 that I have been slowly giving away. 260 XH5 were gifted to trustline holders last month, bringing the total to 35,561.68 XH5 given away for free, to friends and strangers alike. That’s 6.5% of the total supply already, and we are way ahead of the planned token distribution in Phase 4, which begins July, 20th, 2023.

But I’m excited for the future of the Stellar network and I hope you are too.

Interestingly enough, XH5 trustlines skyrocketed to over well over 500 last month, up significantly from the previous month’s 90 or so. If XH5 was mentioned anywhere in social media I’d like to know. Feel free to post that in the comments because I find the explosion of trustlines funny when last month’s report was titled No Promotion!

Duplicate assets were also created last month by people other than myself. They used the same asset code, XH5, most likely to confuse people looking for my token. Always be sure to check more than just the asset code when adding any Stellar asset. There is a lot of confusion about this for many newcomers and long-term users alike as these duplicates can be very deceptive.

Never Buy XH5! Not mine. Not those other tokens with the same name. I am giving it away for free!

If you want to add a trustline for my XH5, double-check the issuing account.

  • Asset: XH5
  • Home Domain: Cleanshave.org

Unfortunately, the Monthly Reward for a random wallet holding XH5 did not go out again this month. Establishing a Claimable Balance is easy enough, using the Clawback option for unclaimed Claimable Balances is another thing entirely. I can’t seem to find the documentation to get it right, so if anyone wants to point me in the direction of an article about using the Clawback Claimable Balance function I would greatly appreciate it. The total supply of XH5 is much too small to have any of it locked or lost inside inactive wallets.

For the majority of token projects, failing to deliver on promises two months in a row would be cause for concern. It might be a reason to dump holdings in that token. And if that’s the way you feel about XH5, please feel free to sell. I completely understand.

Keep in mind that I built and maintain XH5 from a cheap cell phone. And right now I am back on the road, traveling the United States while living out of my backpack.

XH5 will not make you rich.

In fact, you should probably sell it for lumens to fund your own Stellar wallet.*

Life is your Adventure, Live Your Dream